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At Le Colibri Skincare, we believe that each drop matters! Our goal is to provide the safest and most efficient Natural and Organic products. We care about your health and our planet. We have carefully selected brands that follow this same philosophy.

Cosmetic artisans have so much to offer in terms of savoir-faire, reliability and personal touch. We have curated some of the best French products in terms of quality and specificity. Everything at Le Colibri Skincare is Cruelty-Free, let’s enjoy the power of nature while respecting it.’

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Le Colibri Skincare’s story started in Paris 5 years ago.

While looking for simple and clean products for our babies we started to read labels.

We quickly realized that “simple” was rare and labels were complex. We set out on a quest to find the purest, the most natural and effective products for children first. Our quest quickly broadened to the whole family. We then started sharing our knowledge with friends and family. Conscious that we can take care of ourselves and take care of the planet at the same time, we selected only brands that would share our philosophy.

Coming to Los Angeles was the occasion to open a store with the aim of sharing the best about Natural and Organic skincare lines & beauty tips with French “Savoir-faire”.



Interaction with our clients is essential to us. Therefore, we have dedicated space just for you at Le Colibri Skincare. The Atelier is a space where the community can come together to share and learn about wellness and beauty.

Where cultures can gain knowledge and expand together. Acting and Sharing is the essence of Le Colibri, may a lot of little Colibris be born and all the droplets together will create oceans.