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SOAP Absolute Neutral


  • Guaranteed without essential oil or perfume, ideal for the most sensitive or allergic skins. Especially recommended for pregnant women and young children, but very much appreciated by all. The soap, brought back to its purest expression.

    OPPIDUM's ONAGRE - KARITÉ range invites you to discover the benefits of this amazing oil, drawn from the pressure of the flower seeds of the Evening Primeverère. Known to the North American Indians for its therapeutic virtues, the Evening Primrose* only spread in Europe in the eighteenth century. Its revitalizing and regulating properties make it an ally, in the pure state, of all types of skins, dry, normal or oily. Cold saponified, it retains its virtues and contributes to the tonicity and elasticity of the epidermis. All properties we strengthen with the Shea Butter *, known for its moisturizing effects, including hair, to which it brings softness and shine. The Sunflower* enriches the whole with its high vitamin E content and its softening power. As for the Coconut oil *, it guarantees the good handling of the soap as well as the quality of its foam and its cleaning power.

    * Ingredient from organic farming