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SOAP Orange Le Soleil


  • A good-humoured concentrate in this fine and elegant scent. A mono-fragrance that The relaxing and fruity scent of orange, the very lightly exfoliating grain of turmeric powder, the discreet charm of southern fragrances, a winter evening, in Seville or Tangier

    OPPIDUM's ARGAN-KARITÉ range offers you a return to the sources of this precious oil originating in the Atlas highlands. Used for millennia, theArgan* is known for its softening and nutritional properties. In traditional soap, worked cold, it will seduce you as well by the great finesse that it gives to the material as by its extraordinary nourishing virtues. Of the properties we strengthen with the Shea Butter *, known for its moisturizing effects, including hair, to which it brings softness and shine. The Sunflower*, recommended for all skin types, enriches the whole with its high vitamin E content and its softening power. As for the Coconut oil *, it guarantees the good handling of the soap as well as the quality of its foam and its cleaning power.

    * Ingredient from organic farming

Category: Argan & Shea, Soaps