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SOAP Verbena


  • A good-humoured concentrate in this fine and elegant scent. A mono-fragrance that happily combines its floral and lemony tones, for both toning and relaxing effects.

    OPPIDUM's Almond & Rice range offers you one of the most restorative and protective soaps in our collections thanks to the optimum natural synergy. Here, the Sweet Almond * Sets the tone with its multiple cosmetic properties. Softener, emollient, it guarantees a high level of hydration sought by the most difficult, dry or fragile skins. A nourishing power, increased by the Oil of Rice Bran *, known for its decongestant and antioxidant properties as well as for its action on the Blood micro-circulation of the scalp. Nourishing and fortifying, the latter therefore associates perfectly, in cold saponification, with the Shea Butter *, indicated for skin hydration and hair gloss. The holding of the soap, its cleansing power and the smoothness of its foam depend as well on the Coconut Oil* that of the whole combination of these four remarkable oils. Recommended for the most demanding skins and frequent shampoos.

    * Ingredient from organic farming